Half Highs


Model: 20' Half High Bin Containers


Description: The 20' half high bin container has many uses. These steel deck open top bins are built haul scrap metal and other bulk products. They can also be used as a secondary containment under 20' ISO Tanks. These are built with heavy duty fork pocket tunnels and have a payload capacity close to 80000lbs.

Typical Useage of Half High Containers:
- Haul scrap metal or other bulk products 
- Haul dirt or debris 
- Haul sludge material 
- Use as secondary containment under 20' ISO Tanks

- 20' Long X 4'3" Tall X 8' Wide 
- Steel Floor
- Open Top with no tarp 
- Designed with or without gate 
- Max Gross: 85,000 Lbs 
- Payload: 79,465 lbs